Everything, what is against nature, will not last for long.“ – Charles Darwin

We stand for sustainable products from renewable resources.

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Our philosophy: in harmony with nature

It is our goal to manufacture products made solely from renewable raw materials. In contrast to traditional plastic materials, our products are characterized by a low environmental impact.

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FARMfill® Premium is a pourable corn based cylindrical packaging material and is used for example as product protection by cushioning and backfilling cartons.

Since 2009 the packaging chips have also been available as granulate, which can be made into a foam cushioning material directly on site at the customer’s premises.

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FARMfill® packaging chips and FARMfill® bio granulate are guaranteed to be manufactured from annually renewable plants cultivated without genetic modification!

The granulate was developed by Cornpack GmbH & Co. KG in collaboration with FKuR Polymers GmbH in Willich. The granulate is much lower volume compared to the finished chip, therefore it offers significant advantages in terms of transport. 

Cushioning characteristics

Based on a laboratory analysis the „Institute für Verpackungstechnik“ VVL (institute for packaging engineering) at the university Dortmund showed that our FARMfill® packaging chips have the same efficient shock absorbing effect as classical plastic chips. Moreover, our FARMfill® cushioning materials can be reused due to their high abrasion resistance.

Filling and storage

FARMfill® chips are offered in different filling volumes which can directly be emptied with standard filling mechanisms. Thanks to the high abrasion resistance and antistatic characteristics FARMfill® can be used in automatic filling and silo systems without any constraints. However, as the material is only partly resistant to humidity and heat, the contact with water and direct sunlight should be avoided. 

Export suitability 

The production of our FARMfill® packaging material complies with the legal requirements for export.


Our packaging chips may be reused several times before disposal. We take packaging chips back with free delivery. In terms of disposal they provide significant advantages over conventional plastic chips. The natural raw material is 100% biodegradable and is even CO2 neutral with regard to the thermal disposal. They can be disposed of through the garden compost, residual waste or the biogas plant. But attention, they do not belong in the „yellow bin“.

Furthermore, we offer our customers to take the outer packaging (PE bags) back in order to redirect them to the production process.

  • FARMfill® packaging chips are a natural packaging material and according to DIN testing (registry number 9P0009) and DIN Certco DIN 13432 (registry number 7P0027) fully compostable in home and garden 
  • In accordance with the packaging laws (formerly VerpackV § 16;S.2) FARMfill® is excempt from disposal obligations due to its biodegradabilty.

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The paper of the bags is practically tear-resistant and they contain an especially developed filling of very small FARMfill® packaging chips. Side folds prevent the bags from bursting under strong pressure and joints with cross embossing on the sides make the bags extremely robust. A clever perforation ensures a slow and constant release of the air in case of a significant load.

The FARMfill® cushion bag is only partly resistant to moisture so that a direct contact to water should be avoided at all costs.

Cushioning properties

The sophisticated construction of the bags has a very high shock-absorbing effect. The small grain size of the FARMfill® packaging chips ensures that there are always sufficient cushion chips between the paper layers. Thanks to the enormous stability of the FARMfill® cushion bags it is very unlikely that they burst.

Export suitability

Our cushion bags are filled with FARMfill® packaging chips manufactured in a sterile manner. Thus, the FARMfill® cushion bags are not subject to any export restrictions.


In principal, Farmfill® cushion bags are suitable for reuse several times. After use they can easily be disposed of with the household rubbish or the organic waste bin. According to the packaging regulations we are happy to take the FARMfill® packaging filler material back with free delivery. 
Moreover, the company group Loick offers its customers to take back the delivered outer packaging (PE bags) and cartons in order to redirect these to the production process.

Cushion bags

Our FARMfill® cushion bags made of paper are filled with especially small chips. We offer them in different lenghts, widths and strengths as well as endless chain with perforation.

Purging balls

This product revolutionizes the innovative welding technology. It is the sustainable form of the purging gas lock. With this product it is possible to create water soluble locks in pipes of an inner diameter of 20-52 mm so that the use of purging paper will no longer be necessary.


For more than 20 years we have been producing sustainable toys under the brand name PlayMais®. The natural toys offer unlimited creative possibilities. They can be shaped, pressed, cut and much more. PlayMais® stimulates creativity, fantasy, motor skills, colour recognition and can even be used therapeutically. Our PlayMais® is made of maize/corn and food colouring and is therefore 100% biodegradable, completely harmless to health and free from any contaminants.

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